Palico Skills Memory Learn Lv
Morph Ball Bomb 0 Increases the damage caused by Explosive Roll bombs.
High Cadence 0 Increases movement speed during Soothing Roll.
Boomerang Pro 5 Raises Boomerang attack speed and reduces charge time.
Stamina Drain 5 Increases certain attacks' ability to Exhaust monsters.
Critical Up (S) 10 Increases Affinity by 10%.
Aera 0 Makes it easier to mount and successfully topple a monster.
Megaflare 0 Increases the power of Fire weapons.
Ranged Attack Up 0 Increases Ranged Attack.
World's Strongest 0 Increases Attack and Defense when no head or body gear is equipped.
Nagatobimaru 0 Increases the damage of Thunder weapons.
Fanalis 0 Prowler: Support Gauge fills more slowly, but boosted Attack. Palico: Fewer Support Moves.
Attack Up (S) 0 Increases Attack.
Knockout King 10 Increases the likelihood of Stunning monsters.
Anger Prone 10 Increases the likelihood of entering Felyne Fury Mode.
Critical Up (L) 20 Increases Affinity by 20%.
Universal 0 Greatly increases Attack when a large monster in the same area becomes angry.
Baddest Cat Ever 0 Increases Health and Attack when Health is less than 40% of the maximum.
Landmaster 0 Increases the duration of Rath-of-Meow.
Attack Up (L) 15 Greatly increases Attack.
Element Attack Up 15 Increases the power of elemental attacks.
Bombay Boost 20 Increases the damage of Bomb-type Support Actions and Blast attacks.
Last Stand 25 No second chances! Big boost to Attack and Defense, but revival is impossible.
Triforce 0 Increases Life, Attack, and Defense.
Nine Lives (Attack) 15 Increases Attack upon revival. Effective eight times in a row.
Status Attack Up 20 Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks.
Handicraft 25 Increases weapon Sharpness by one level.
Heat/Bomb Res 0 Reduces damage from bombs and negates heat and lava damage.
Dragon Res Up 0 Increases Dragon Resistance by 5.
Fire Res Up 0 Increases Fire Resistance by 5.
Water Res Up 0 Increases Water Resistance by 5.
Thunder Res Up 0 Increases Thunder Resistance by 5.
Ice Res Up 0 Increases Ice Resistance by 5.
Defense Up (S) 5 Increases Defense.
Negate Paralysis 5 Prevents Paralysis.
Negate Poison 5 Weakens the effects of Deadly Poison and completely prevents lesser Poisons.
Guard (S) 5 Prowler: Knockback from blocking reduced. Palico: Blocks more often.
Negate Stun 10 Prevents Stun.
Iron Hide 10 Negates the effects of Defense Down.
Health Up (S) 10 Increases maximum Health by 20.
Tremor Res 10 Prevents staggering from tremors created by large monsters.
Negate Sleep 10 Prevents Sleep.
Non-Stick Fur 10 Enables quick recovery from restrictive Bind statuses such as Snowman.
Biology 15 Increases Dung Bomb efficacy and prevents Blastblight.
Super Mushroom 0 Increases the amount restored by Acorns.
Fashion Sense 0 Raises the Defense of body armor.
DEF-centric 0 Greatly boosts Defense, but also lowers Attack.
STAM-centric 0 Greatly boosts Stamina, but also lowers all Resistances.
Zombie 0 Decreases Defense but increases Natural Recovery.
Desperation 0 Greatly increases Defense when out of Acorns and Life is at less than 40% of maximum.
Negate Confusion 5 Prowler: Prevents Confusion. Palico: Prevents Panic.
Earplugs 10 Prevents flinching from most monster roars.
Negate Wind 10 Negates Wind Pressure from almost all monsters.
Guard (L) 15 Prowler: Knockback from blocking greatly reduced. Palico: Blocks much more often.
Defense Up (L) 15 Greatly increases Defense.
Health Up (L) 20 Increases maximum Health by 40.
Guard Boost 20 Causes previously unblockable attacks to become blockable.
Wind Waker 0 Eliminates the wind pressure of most monsters, and negates their ability to suck you in.
Omniresistance 10 Boosts all Resistances.
Nine Lives (Defense) 15 Increases Defense upon revival. Effective eight times in a row.
Revival Pro 20 Adds one additional Acorn. (Cannot be used with Last Stand.)
Sonic Mini Bombay 0 Adds Sonic Waves effects whenever Mini Barrel Bombay is used.
Slacker Slap 0 Prowler: Scolding a slacker keeps it from slacking off briefly. Palico: Scolds others.
Gathering Pro 5 Prowler: More items from Gathering Points. Palico: Focus on gathering.
Goldenfish Catcher 10 Prowler: Goldenfish are easier to catch. Palico: Obtain an extra fish upon each catch.
Shopkeeping 0 Increases the amount of zenny received at the end of a Quest.
Monsterdar 5 Prowler: More Map info on large monsters. Palico: Occasional Psychic effects.
Counter Boost 10 Prowler: Support Gauge fills faster when hit. Palico: Raises rate that Moves are used.
Support Boost 10 Prowler: Increases Support Gauge maximum by 1. Palico: Time between Moves reduced.
Pro Trapper 10 Boosts trap-type Moves and lowers their gauge consumption.
Support Move +1 10 Enables you to equip one additional Support Move.
Pilfer Boost 15 Boosts stealing-type Moves and lowers their gauge consumption.
Support Priority 15 Makes it easier to build up Support Gauge, but Attack and Defense are reduced.
Health Harmonics 25 Raises maximum Health when using Health Horn or True Health Horn.

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