Freeze S Lv1

Ammo that packs extra punch against monsters susceptible to Ice. Capacity: 60



Purchase from shop for 20z
[Village★2] Gendrome Roadblock x15
[Village★4] Hunt-a-thon: Gendrome x15
[Village★4] Noise Violation x15
[Village★4] Serpentine Samba x15
[Village★5] A Sandy Battle Royale x15
[Village★6] Tuff Turf x15
[Village★6] The Bellowing Zinogre x15
[Village★6] The Cankerous Quagmire x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Might is Right x15
[Village★6] Advanced: State in Flux x15
[Village★6] Advanced: The Golden Pair x15
[Guild★1] Gendrome Roadblock x15
[Guild★2] The Poison-fanged Duo x15
[Guild★2] Noise Violation x15
[Guild★2] Serpentine Samba x15
[Guild★3] Topple the Monarch x15
[Guild★3] Tuff Turf x15
[Guild★3] Wyvern Sand Runners x15
[Guild★3] Zinogre, Bearly Fazed x15
[Guild★4] Gendrome Roadblock x15
[Guild★4] A Powerful Team x15
[Guild★5] Serpentine Samba x15
[Guild★5] Spotted Beauty x15
[Guild★6] Topple the Monarch x15
[Guild★6] Legend of the Monkey King x15
[Guild★6] The Rajang in the Snow x15
[Guild★6] Marshlands Rag x15
[Guild★6] At the Slayground x15
[Guild★6] Unnerving Najarala x15
[Guild★7] A Roar to the Heavens x15
[Guild★7] The Hapless Bodyguard x15
[Guild★7] The Yukumo Gal Special x15
[Guild★7] You Bet Your Life x15
[Guild★7] A Shocking Revelation! x15
[Guild★7] The Wolf and the Footbath x15
[Guild★7] Primal Forest Defense x15
[Guild★7] Searching for Secret Baths x15
[Guild★7] Show Me Your Shaka-Strength x15
[Guild★7] Child of Destruction x15
[Guild★7] A Shock in the Dark x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade II: Capture x15
[Event] Capcom: Brilliant Orchestra x15
[Event] Fan Club: Great All Stars x15
[Event] Raging Twins x15
[Event] All's Hair in Glove & War x15
[Event] Picturesque Encounter x15
[Event] No Party Poopers! x15
[Event] Insanity and Destruction x15
[Event] The Best of the Best x15
[Event] The Greatest Hunter x15
[Event] Overcome with Awe x15


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