[Village★3] Anteka Anticipation

Grill Meowster: I've gotten my paws on all kinds of monster meat before. You name it, I've grilled it. But I've never tried my paw at grilling up some Anteka. Help me out and we'll have a barbeque for the ages!

Slay 8 Anteka
Goal (900z / 80HRP / 90pt)
Deliver 1 Khezu Whelp
Sub Goal (600z / 10HRP / 60pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Dizzy Mount
Lagombi INTRUDER 1 1548HP x0.95 x0.9 x1 x0.95 x0.95 x1


Main Reward A

Warm Pelt x1 25%
Raw Meat x2 25%
Anteka Antler x1 20%
Snow Herb x5 15%
Ice Crystal x2 10%
Warm Pelt x2 5%

Main Reward B

Snow Herb x1 14%
Sleep Herb x1 12%
Stone x1 12%
Ice Crystal x1 12%
Ice Ambrosia x1 10%
Armor Sphere x1 10%
Herb x1 8%
Gloamgrass Root x1 8%
Huskberry x4 8%
Power Jelly x1 4%
Larval Extract x1 2%

Sub Reward

Pale Extract x1 20%
Machalite Ore x1 18%
Disc Stone x2 18%
Armor Sphere x1 14%
Ice Crystal x3 10%
Gloamgrass Root x4 10%
Snow Herb x4 10%


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