[Guild★5] A Plesioth in the Misty Peaks

Cocky Hunter: A Plesioth! In the Misty Peaks! And I would have had it, too, if not for its water breath and hiding in the river all the time... I didn't have my bathing suit! I'll let you deal with it!

Hunt a Plesioth
Goal (7500z / 430HRP / 750pt)
Wound Plesioth's top fin
Sub Goal (1500z / 40HRP / 150pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee

This quest unlocks:
Blade Wire II


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Dizzy Mount
Plesioth 1 4480HP x1.5 x2.3 x0.85 x1.5 x1.2 x1.6
Royal Ludroth INTRUDER 1 3731HP x1.3 x2.3 x0.85 x1.5 x1.2 x1.6
Deviljho INTRUDER 1 8580HP x1.6 x3.7 x0.85 x1.6 x1.3 x1.6



1 Map x1
2 Map x1
3 Map x1
4 Map x1
5 First-aid Med x3
6 First-aid Med x3
7 First-aid Med x3
8 First-aid Med x3
9 Ration x2
10 Ration x2
11 Ration x2
12 Ration x2
13 Mini Whetstone x2
14 Mini Whetstone x2
15 Paintball x1
16 Paintball x1
17 Normal S Lv2 x30
18 Pellet S Lv1 x10
19 Poison Coating x15
20 Empty Phial x10
21 Nulberry x1
22 Nulberry x1
23 EZ Sonic Bomb x1
24 EZ Sonic Bomb x1
33 First-aid Med+ x5
34 Ration x3
35 Mini Whetstone x2
36 EZ Shock Trap x1
37 Throwing Knife x5
38 Normal S Lv2 x30
39 Power Coating Lv1 x10
40 Empty Phial x10

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