Hyper Hunter II

A ticket awarded for hunting Hyper Monsters. Collect enough and it might pay off.


Category Value


[Guild★7] Putting the Gore in Magala x1 75%
[Guild★7] Tigrex, Tigrex, Burning Bright x1 75%
[Guild★7] A Thousand Blades of Wrath x1 75%
[Guild★7] A Fiery Temper x1 75%
[Guild★7] The Unassailable Seltas Queen x1 75%
[Guild★7] Savage Sword of the Desert x1 75%
[Guild★7] Wyvernlit Evening x1 75%
[Guild★7] Wild Gods, Calm Rangers x1 75%
[Guild★7] Into the Maelstrom x1 75%
[Guild★7] The Lithe and Unbreaking x1 75%
[Guild★7] The Peril of the Land x1 75%
[Guild★7] The Wolf and the Footbath x1 75%
[Guild★7] Steam and Smoke x1 75%
[Guild★7] The Glowing Embers x1 75%
[Event] Baki: Biggest vs. Strongest x1 75%
[Event] Ushio & Tora: White Mizutsune x1 75%
[Event] Magi: Rescue from the Fall x1 75%
[Event] Dengeki: Turbulent Seas x1 75%
[Event] DMC: The Seltas Queen's Cry x1 75%
[Guild★7] Wyverns All Around Us x2 75%
[Guild★7] The Thieving Gypceros x2 75%
[Guild★7] Primal Forest Defense x2 75%
[Guild★7] Show Me Your Shaka-Strength x2 75%
[Guild★7] The Marshlands Nightmare x2 75%
[Event] Blazing Thunder at USJ x2 75%
[Event] Capcom: White & Black x2 75%
[Event] Not Stepping One Foot... x2 75%
[Event] Picturesque Encounter x2 75%
[Event] Absolute Power x2 75%
[Event] How It's Done x2 75%
[Event] Ghosts 'n Goblins: Seeing Red x2 75%
[Event] Retreat Run-in x2 75%
[Guild★7] Putting the Gore in Magala x2 25%
[Guild★7] Tigrex, Tigrex, Burning Bright x2 25%
[Guild★7] A Thousand Blades of Wrath x2 25%
[Guild★7] A Fiery Temper x2 25%
[Guild★7] The Unassailable Seltas Queen x2 25%
[Guild★7] Savage Sword of the Desert x2 25%
[Guild★7] Wyvernlit Evening x2 25%
[Guild★7] Wild Gods, Calm Rangers x2 25%
[Guild★7] Into the Maelstrom x2 25%
[Guild★7] The Lithe and Unbreaking x2 25%
[Guild★7] The Peril of the Land x2 25%
[Guild★7] The Wolf and the Footbath x2 25%
[Guild★7] Steam and Smoke x2 25%
[Guild★7] The Glowing Embers x2 25%
[Event] Baki: Biggest vs. Strongest x2 25%
[Event] Ushio & Tora: White Mizutsune x2 25%
[Event] Magi: Rescue from the Fall x2 25%
[Event] Dengeki: Turbulent Seas x2 25%
[Event] DMC: The Seltas Queen's Cry x2 25%
[Guild★7] Wyverns All Around Us x3 25%
[Guild★7] The Thieving Gypceros x3 25%
[Guild★7] Primal Forest Defense x3 25%
[Guild★7] Show Me Your Shaka-Strength x3 25%
[Guild★7] The Marshlands Nightmare x3 25%
[Event] Blazing Thunder at USJ x3 25%
[Event] Capcom: White & Black x3 25%
[Event] Not Stepping One Foot... x3 25%
[Event] Picturesque Encounter x3 25%
[Event] Absolute Power x3 25%
[Event] How It's Done x3 25%
[Event] Ghosts 'n Goblins: Seeing Red x3 25%
[Event] Retreat Run-in x3 25%


Weapons (Create)
Demolition Gun 1 x2
Weapons (Upgrade)
Remalgalypse x1
Devastator Blade x1
Crimsonwall x1
Seditious Cleaver 1 x1
Blade of Talos x1
Demolition Sword 1 x1
Poison Serpentblade x1
Demolition Cutter 1 x1
Hi Frost Edge x1
Paraspiked Circle x1
Commander's Dagger x1
Serpent Cleaver x1
Deathprize x1
Deadly Poison x1
Snowy Cleaver x1
Seditious Fang 1 x1
Corona 2 x1
Sharfin Sword 2 x1
Cocky Comrades x1
Gigas Hammer x1
Fraghammer Mk.II x1
Onslaught x1
Armored Gogue x1
War Mace x1
Catastrophic Portent x1
Demolition Hammer 1 x1
Seditious Hammer 1 x1
Meaty Press 2 x1
Vindication Hammer x1
Kut-Ku Thwap x1
Two Star Silver Pot x1
Incessant Evil 2 x1
Dragon Rider Spear 2 x1
Drakenwerfer x1
Seditious Lance 1 x1
Volvi Sweep x1
Omnivicious 2 x1
Demolition Lance 1 x1
Spheniscine Ruler x1
Iceblaster x1
Meteor Cannon x1
Seditious Cannon 1 x1
Demolition Cannon 1 x1
Arzuros Fishergun x1
Shirabeo x1
Demolition Gun 1 x1
Seditious Shot 1 x1
Bullet Rain (White) x1
Bullet Rain (Blood) x1
Bullet Rain (Azure) x1
Bullet Rain (Green) x1
Bullet Rain (Viper) x1
Royal Torrent x1
Iced Rabbit x1
Seditious Edge 1 x1
Demolition Katana 1 x1
Demolition Axe 1 x1
Notched Tyrant 2 x1
Seditious Axe 1 x1
Exoskeleton Chopper x1
Chief Bruiser Axe x1
Vermilingua x1
Shatter God x1
Lagomberastrophe 2 x1
Deepbuster 2 x1
Seditious Gunlance 1 x1
Demolition Gunlance 1 x1
Assault Stormlance x1
Vertebrae Blaster x1
Gerd Sting 2 x1
Obsidian Bow 4 x1
Scorpion Zinger x1
Seditious Arrow 1 x1
Demolition Bow 1 x1
Heaven's Glaze x1
Ice Cold Alighter 2 x1
Vile Bow 2 x1
Deathsnarfs x1
Cyclone x1
Cool Cleavers 2 x1
Demolition Blades 1 x1
Seditious Talons 1 x1
Ashigara Axes x1
Maulagombs 2 x1
Glacial Medusa x1
Wicked Tessen 2 x1
Seditious Warhorn 1 x1
Kut-Ku Cantabile x1
Great Bagpipe x1
Snarfonix x1
Demolition Chime 1 x1
Hazardous Call 2 x1
Velociprey Horn x1
Giaprey Horn x1
Wild Grunt x1
Zurogong Secundo x1
Colored Castanet x1
Vile Shamisen 2 x1
Seditious Breaker 1 x1
Electric Bayonet x1
General's Bayonet x1
Vermillion Viper x1
Sky-high Glaive 2 x1
Deep Blue Glaive 2 x1
Demolition Press 1 x1
Demolition Blade 1 x1
Reactive Border x1
Serrated Glace 2 x1
Frosted Veil x1
Seditious Blade 1 x1
Veggie Elder
Common Hyper Hunter II Dash Juice



Items Value
Hyper Extract 3
Hyper Fang 2
Hyper Fang+ 4
Hyper Claw 2
Hyper Claw+ 4
Hyper Monster Bone 2
Hyper Horn+ 4
Hyper Flame Sac 3
Hyper Pyroscale 3
Hyper Aqua Sac 3
Hyper Fluid 3
Hyper Electro Sac 3
Hyper Charged Shell 4
Hyper Shockfur 4
Hyper Ice Block 3
Hyper Draco. Scale 4
Hyper Toxin 3
Hyper Paratoxin 3
Hyper Sleep Sac 3
Hyper Narcotoxin 3
Hyper Catalyst 4
Hyper Kut-Ku Scale 3
Hyper Gypceros Hide 3
Hyper Azurefeather 3
Hyper Garuga Scale 3
Hyper Blangonga Pelt 4
Hyper Kecha Pelt 3
Hyper Plesioth Scale 3
Hyper Lavasioth Scale 3
Hyper R.Ludroth Scale 3
Hyper Nibelsnarf Shell 3
Hyper Lagiacrus Hide 3
Hyper Agnaktor Shell 3
Hyper Tetsu. Scale 3
Hyper Zamtrios Hide 3
Hyper Najarala Shell 3
Hyper Hermitaur Scale 4
Hyper Ceanataur Shell 4
Hyper S.Queen Shell 3
Hyper Uragaan Scale 3
Hyper Brach Shell 3
Hyper Duram Shell 3
Hyper Khezu Hide 3
Hyper Narga Scale 3
Hyper Rathian Scale 3
Hyper G.Rathian Scale 5
Hyper Rathalos Scale 3
Hyper S.Rath. Scale 5
Hyper Zinogre Shell 3
Hyper Astalos Scale 3
Hyper Gammoth Fur 3
Hyper Mizutsune Scale 3
Hyper Glavenus Scale 3
Hyper Tigrex Scale 3
Hyper Seregios Scale 3
Hyper G.Magala Scale 3
Hyper Rajang Fur 3
Hyper Deviljho Scale 3
Hyper Hunter I 1
Hyper Hunter III 1
Hyper Kut-Ku Scrap 1
Hyper Gypceros Scrap 1
Hyper Malfestio Scrap 1
Hyper Garuga Scrap 1
Hyper Blangonga Scrap 1
Hyper Kecha Scrap 1
Hyper Plesioth Scrap 1
Hyper Lavasioth Scrap 1
Hyper R.Ludroth Scrap 1
Hyper Nibelsnarf Scrap 1
Hyper Lagiacrus Scrap 1
Hyper Agnaktor Scrap 1
Hyper Tetsu. Scrap 1
Hyper Zamtrios Scrap 1
Hyper Najarala Scrap 1
Hyper Hermitaur Scrap 1
Hyper Shogun Scrap 1
Hyper S.Queen Scrap 1
Hyper Uragaan Scrap 1
Hyper Brach Scrap 1
Hyper Duram Scrap 1
Hyper Khezu Scrap 1
Hyper Nargacuga Scrap 1
Hyper Rathian Scrap 1
Hyper Rathalos Scrap 1
Hyper Zinogre Scrap 1
Hyper Astalos Scrap 1
Hyper Gammoth Scrap 1
Hyper Mizutsune Scrap 1
Hyper Glavenus Scrap 1
Hyper Tigrex Scrap 1
Hyper Seregios Scrap 1
Hyper G.Magala Scrap 1
Hyper Rajang Scrap 1
Hyper Deviljho Scrap 1
Hyper Scrap 1
Hyper Scrap+ 1

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