[Village★6] From Beyond the Sands

Wandering Recluse: I was roaming the Dunes when I happened to see a Glavenus blocking one of the major trade routes! Normally I keep to myself, but I can't live without my delivery of Moga curry!

Hunt a Glavenus
Goal (5100z / 320HRP / 510pt)
Mount and topple monster twice
Sub Goal (1200z / 30HRP / 120pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Mount
Glavenus 1 2684HP x1.05 x1.16 x1 x1.05 x1
Gendrome INTRUDER 1 1525HP x1.05 x1.16 x1 x1.05 x1
Cephadrome INTRUDER 1 1650HP x1.05 x1.16 x1 x1.05 x1
Nibelsnarf INTRUDER 1 2200HP x1.05 x1.16 x1 x1.05 x1


Main Reward B

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