[Village★3] Bully the Bullfango

Yukumo Gatekeeper Guy: Ugh! My backside's seen better days. Blame the Bullfango! My mom sent me to the Misty Peaks to dig up mushrooms, see, and all of a sudden those beasts were behind me! Long story short, my bottom needs avenging!

Slay 20 Bullfango
Goal (2100z / 80HRP / 210pt)
Hunt a Bulldrome
Sub Goal (1200z / 80HRP / 120pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Dizzy Mount
Bulldrome INTRUDER 1 774HP x0.95 x0.9 x1 x0.95 x0.95 x1


Main Reward A
Main Reward B

Mopeshroom x1 14%
Herb x1 12%
Felvine x1 12%
Nulberry x1 12%
Water Ambrosia x1 10%
Blue Mushroom x1 10%
Armor Sphere x1 10%
Honey x1 8%
Yukumo Wood x1 6%
Heavy Jelly x1 4%
Larval Extract x1 2%

Sub Reward

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