[Village★3] Konchu Collector

Entomologist: The Konchu is a most fascinating creature -- a bug of many metamorphoses! Attack it and watch it switch into defensive mode for evasive action. I need more specimens for my research!

Slay 15 Konchu
Goal (1200z / 80HRP / 120pt)
Hunt a Cephadrome
Sub Goal (1500z / 100HRP / 150pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Dizzy Mount
Cephadrome INTRUDER 1 1110HP x0.95 x0.9 x1 x0.95 x0.95 x1


Main Reward A

Konchu Shell x1 22%
Iron Ore x2 20%
Bitterbug x1 16%
Sharp Fang x2 12%
Monster Fluid x1 10%
Konchu Shell x2 10%
Sharp Fang x3 10%

Main Reward B

Hot Pepper x1 14%
Mopeshroom x1 12%
Stone x2 12%
Fire Ambrosia x1 10%
Ice Crystal x1 10%
Carpenterbug x1 10%
Bone Husk x2 10%
Gloamgrass Root x1 8%
Aquaglow Jewel x1 8%
Heavy Jelly x1 4%
Larval Extract x1 2%

Sub Reward

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