[Village★3] Fishy Favor

Cheeko Sands Chief: The Meownster Hunters on Sunsnug Island always so kind to me. In return, I want to treat them to some Brocadefish. Could you fish some out of the Jurassic Frontier waters for me?

Deliver 3 Brocadefish
Goal (1800z / 100HRP / 180pt)
Sub Goal (0z / 0HRP / 0pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


No Large Monster Appearances


Main Reward A

Whetfish x1 25%
Pin Tuna x2 22%
Popfish x1 20%
Sushifish x1 15%
Worm x2 10%
Mega Fishing Fly x1 8%

Main Reward B

Blue Mushroom x1 15%
Herb x1 14%
Honey x1 10%
Power Jelly x1 8%
Heavy Jelly x1 8%
Speed Jelly x1 8%
Sap Plant x1 8%
Nitroshroom x1 8%
Paintberry x1 8%
Bitterbug x1 8%
Machalite Ore x1 5%


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