[Village★3] Verdant Hills Bully

Veteran Employer: I refuse to stand by and see my precious Felynes bullied! Oh, I'm talking about those cursed Melynx running amok. If you can help me out, I'll teach you how to easily employ more Felynes!

Slay 8 Melynxes
Goal (600z / 80HRP / 60pt)
Sub Goal (0z / 0HRP / 0pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee

Unlock this quest by completing:


No Large Monster Appearances


Main Reward A

Glutton Tuna x1 20%
Pawprint Stamp x1 20%
Felvine x1 16%
Barrel Lid x1 14%
Small Barrel x1 12%
Humble Scrap x1 10%
Field Horn x1 8%

Main Reward B

Herb x1 16%
Lagniapple x1 16%
Honey x1 12%
Blue Mushroom x1 12%
Ivy x1 10%
Paintberry x1 8%
Aquaglow Jewel x1 8%
Godbug x1 8%
Nitroshroom x1 6%
Lagniapple x2 4%

Main Reward C

Lagniapple x1 100%


1 Map x1

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