[Village★2] Sunsnug Sprout Courier

Headwhiskress: The Felynes on Sunsnug Isle are hoping to get their paws on some Super Spouts. Deliver us some and you'll be rewarded with some tasty ingredients for cooking. Sounds like a great oppurrtunity, nya?

Deliver 10 Super Sprouts
Goal (900z / 40HRP / 90pt)
Deliver 3 Secret Stashes
Sub Goal (300z / 10HRP / 30pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Dizzy Mount
Arzuros INTRUDER 1 816HP x0.95 x0.7 x1 x0.95 x0.95 x1


Main Reward A

Snow Herb x2 30%
Sap Plant x3 30%
Carpenterbug x1 12%
Honey x2 12%
Machalite Ore x1 8%
Armor Sphere x1 8%

Main Reward B

Mopeshroom x1 14%
Herb x1 12%
Felvine x1 12%
Nulberry x1 12%
Water Ambrosia x1 10%
Blue Mushroom x1 10%
Armor Sphere x1 10%
Honey x1 8%
Yukumo Wood x1 6%
Heavy Jelly x1 4%
Larval Extract x1 2%

Sub Reward

Glutton Tuna x1 24%
Felvine x1 21%
Pawprint Stamp x1 20%
Barrel Lid x1 15%
Small Barrel x1 12%
Field Horn x1 8%


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