[Village★1] Due for Dragon Amber

Bherna Elder: Dragon Amber is incredibly useful for research, but it's also a pain in the neck to get. Well, for these old bones it is. Grab a few pickaxes and get to mining me some from the Jurassic Frontier!

Deliver 3 Dragon Amber Pieces
Goal (300z / 30HRP / 30pt)
Deliver 2 Fossilized Bones
Sub Goal (300z / 10HRP / 30pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


No Large Monster Appearances


Main Reward A

Whetstone x2 32%
Stone x2 20%
Iron Ore x1 15%
Stone x3 15%
Earth Crystal x1 10%
Machalite Ore x1 8%

Main Reward B

Blue Mushroom x1 15%
Herb x1 14%
Honey x1 10%
Power Jelly x1 8%
Heavy Jelly x1 8%
Speed Jelly x1 8%
Sap Plant x1 8%
Nitroshroom x1 8%
Paintberry x1 8%
Bitterbug x1 8%
Machalite Ore x1 5%

Sub Reward

Mystery Bone x2 24%
Monster Bone S x3 20%
Whetstone x2 15%
Bone Husk x5 15%
Bone Husk x10 10%
Monster Bone S x5 8%
Mystery Bone x5 8%


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