[Guild★2] Attack of the Giant Bugs!

Marshlands Envoy: My village is being plagued by giant bugs. If you could squash 50 of them, that'd help us a lot. But keep your guard up! Those bugs are tough in groups and a Najarala's nearby, too!

Slay 50 Vespoid
Goal (3600z / 150HRP / 360pt)
Slay 20 Hornetaur
Sub Goal (1200z / 20HRP / 120pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Dizzy Mount
Najarala INTRUDER 1 2653HP x1.05 x0.75 x0.95 x1.05 x1 x1.2


Main Reward A

Vespoid Wing x1 25%
Monster Fluid x1 20%
Vespoid Wing x2 15%
Bitterbug x2 12%
Godbug x1 10%
Vespoid Shell x1 10%
Vespoid Shell x2 8%

Main Reward B
Sub Reward

1 Map x1
2 Map x1
3 Map x1
4 Map x1
5 First-aid Med x3
6 First-aid Med x3
7 First-aid Med x3
8 First-aid Med x3
9 Ration x2
10 Ration x2
11 Ration x2
12 Ration x2
13 Mini Whetstone x2
14 Mini Whetstone x2
15 Paintball x1
16 Paintball x1
17 Hot Drink x1
18 Hot Drink x1
19 Hot Drink x1
20 Hot Drink x1
21 Normal S Lv2 x30
22 Pellet S Lv1 x10
23 Poison Coating x15
24 Empty Phial x10
25 Poison Smoke Bomb x2
26 Poison Smoke Bomb x2
33 First-aid Med x3
34 Ration x3
35 Mini Whetstone x2
36 Paintball x2
37 Normal S Lv2 x30
38 Pellet S Lv1 x10
39 Power Coating Lv1 x10
40 Empty Phial x10

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