[Event] The Uniqlo Avant-garde

Felyne Designer: What Felynes need is a great look FOR Felynes, BY Felynes, and I've got just the thing! I'll need your help gathering the materials, but just think how snazzy you'll look in my design!

Slay a total of 20 Vespoids and Bnahabras
Goal (3000z / 200HRP / 300pt)
Sub Goal (0z / 0HRP / 0pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Dizzy Mount
Gendrome INTRUDER 1 1600HP x1.2 x1.1 x0.95 x1.2 x1 x1.2


Main Reward A
Main Reward B

Lagniapple x1 16%
Hot Pepper x1 14%
Mopeshroom x1 12%
Stone x2 12%
Ice Crystal x1 10%
Carpenterbug x1 10%
Bone Husk x2 10%
Gloamgrass Root x1 8%
Aquaglow Jewel x1 4%
Lagniapple x2 4%

Main Reward C

Lagniapple x1 100%

Main Reward D

Uniqlo Coin x2 60%
Uniqlo Coin x1 40%


1 Map x1
2 Map x1
3 Map x1
4 Map x1

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