[Event] Event: Endurance Quest 1

Arena Instructor: Your path to glory begins with a Tigrex, a Zinogre, and a Nargacuga. Honor our beloved Arena with your victory! Weapons: Great Sword, Lance, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, Light Bowgun

Slay all large monsters
Goal (2700z / 0HRP / 0pt)
Sub Goal (0z / 0HRP / 0pt)
Time Limit
Contract Fee


Num Avg HP Stagger Attack Defense Exhaust Dizzy Mount
Tigrex 1 1550HP x1.5 x2.5 x0.85 x1.5 x1.15 x1.3
Nargacuga 1 1302HP x1.5 x2.5 x0.85 x1.5 x1.15 x1.3
Zinogre 1 1643HP x1.5 x2.5 x0.85 x1.5 x1.15 x1.3


Main Reward A

Raw Meat x1 40%
Well-done Steak x1 20%
Honey x1 20%
Small Goldenfish x1 20%

Main Reward C

Well-done Steak x2 100%

Main Reward D

Well-done Steak x1 100%


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