Throwing Knife

A standard throwing knife. Flies straight and true. (Supply Item)



Low Jurassic Frontier 3~5 tries x1 30%
Area 5 80% spawn
Low Jurassic Frontier 3~5 tries x1 15%
Area 5 100% spawn
Low Jurassic Frontier 3~5 tries x1 15%
Area 5 20% spawn
Low Arctic Ridge 4~6 tries x1 57%
Area 7 100% spawn
Low Misty Peaks 4~6 tries x1 10%
Area 4 100% spawn
Low Marshlands 4~6 tries x1 20%
Area 1 100% spawn
High Jurassic Frontier 3~5 tries x1 30%
Area 5 80% spawn
High Jurassic Frontier 3~5 tries x1 15%
Area 5 100% spawn
High Jurassic Frontier 3~5 tries x1 15%
Area 5 20% spawn
High Arctic Ridge 4~6 tries x1 57%
Area 7 100% spawn
High Misty Peaks 4~6 tries x1 10%
Area 4 100% spawn
High Marshlands 4~6 tries x1 20%
Area 1 100% spawn
[Village★6] Advanced: Fungus Fetchin' x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Jurassic Treasure x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Sly Swooper x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Invoking Rath x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Seismic Scares x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Twinkle Toes x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Seltas Queen x5
[Village★6] Advanced: The Goliaths x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Snowtal Recall x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Invisible Thief x5
[Village★6] Advanced: Teostra's Return x5
[Guild★4] Swing into Action x5
[Guild★4] Ruining the Ruins x5
[Guild★4] Jaggi of the Steppe x5
[Guild★4] Ancestral Steppe Fungus Run x5
[Guild★4] Bug Appétit x5
[Guild★4] Gendrome Roadblock x5
[Guild★4] Lost in the Primal Forest x5
[Guild★4] Hunt Down the Velocidrome! x5
[Guild★4] Poison Paralysis Pinch x5
[Guild★4] Crystal Bone Collector x5
[Guild★4] Hair of the Dog x5
[Guild★4] Tackling the Tetsucabra x5
[Guild★4] So Notable: Great Maccao x5
[Guild★4] The Land Sharq x5
[Guild★4] Shells of Steel x5
[Guild★4] Birds of a Feather x5
[Guild★4] Delicious White Livers x5
[Guild★4] The Bulldrome Charges x5
[Guild★4] Snow with Occasional Lagombi x5
[Guild★4] Arzuros Encroaches x5
[Guild★4] Royal Spit Take x5
[Guild★4] Netting Neopterons x5
[Guild★5] So Notable: Kecha Wacha x5
[Guild★5] Ancestral Steppe Accounting x5
[Guild★5] Dragon Lady x5
[Guild★5] The Ioprey Leader x5
[Guild★5] The Intelligent Malfestio x5
[Guild★5] Serpentine Samba x5
[Guild★5] Primal Forest Accounting x5
[Guild★5] Fin Finder x5
[Guild★5] Must Love Lagombi x5
[Guild★5] Zamite Fight x5
[Guild★5] Stone-cold Stones x5
[Guild★5] Fight or Uragaan! x5
[Guild★5] Worst. Trip. Ever! x5
[Guild★5] Tetsucabra Bounty x5
[Guild★5] Close Coal x5
[Guild★5] Nargacuga Throwdown x5
[Guild★5] Insomnia? Meet Hypnotism x 2 x5
[Guild★5] The Desert Gourmand x5
[Guild★5] The New Tenant x5
[Guild★5] A Plesioth in the Misty Peaks x5
[Guild★5] Attack of the Giant Bugs! x5
[Guild★5] You Caught This? I Caught This x5
[Guild★5] Tumbling Troublemaker x5
[Guild★5] Shogun in the Flames x5
[Guild★5] Status: Effected x5
[Guild★5] Desert Brawlers x5
[Guild★6] The Lightning Crown x5
[Guild★6] What a Girl Wants x5
[Guild★6] Rathalos Run x5
[Guild★6] Bug Buffet x5
[Guild★6] A Bewitching Dance x5
[Guild★6] Dread Locked x5
[Guild★6] The Unshakable Mountain God x5
[Guild★6] Topple the Monarch x5
[Guild★6] Bedevil a Deviljho x5
[Guild★6] Frozen Seaway Accounting x5
[Guild★6] Master of the Molten Deep x5
[Guild★6] Duel in the Volcanic Hollow x5
[Guild★6] Volcanic Hollow Accounting x5
[Guild★6] From Beyond the Sands x5
[Guild★6] Legend of the Monkey King x5
[Guild★6] Astalos Territory x5
[Guild★6] Lord of the Skies x5
[Guild★6] The Rajang in the Snow x5
[Guild★6] Fury Run Afoul x5
[Guild★6] Bl-Bl-Blangongas! x5
[Guild★6] Surrounded by Bubbles x5
[Guild★6] The Fisherman's Fiend x5
[Guild★6] For Whom the Gong Tolls x5
[Guild★6] Quartz Rivalry x5
[Guild★6] Coal Hearted x5
[Guild★6] River of Fire x5
[Guild★6] Dances with Wyverns x5
[Guild★6] Bugging Out x5
[Guild★6] A Three Hour Tour x5
[Guild★6] A Hollow Defense x5
[Guild★6] Wild Gunman x5
[Guild★6] Marshlands Rag x5
[Guild★6] Firefight to the Finish! x5
[Guild★6] The White Brute x5
[Guild★6] Miasma Attack x5
[Guild★6] Stop the Wacha! x5
[Guild★6] We Are Not Amused x5
[Guild★6] Zamtrios Fight! x5
[Guild★6] The Frog of War x5
[Guild★6] Triple Toady Terror x5
[Guild★6] Woe Malfestio x5
[Guild★6] Born of Darkness x5
[Guild★6] Nibeling on Apples x5
[Guild★6] Warning: Hyper Yian Garuga! x5
[Guild★6] Hyper for Holes x5
[Guild★6] The Plesioth Adventure x5
[Guild★6] Daimyo of the Deserted Island x5
[Guild★6] Where the Wild Manes Are x5
[Guild★6] Hyper Investigation x5
[Guild★6] The Khezu and the Shadow x5
[Guild★6] Bring On the Shogun x5
[Guild★6] Unnerving Najarala x5
[Guild★6] Eruption Embodied x5
[Guild★6] The Magma's Rage x5
[Guild★6] Minion Audition Imposition x5
[Guild★7] Stop the Wheel x5
[Guild★7] A Gathering of Wyverns x5
[Guild★7] A Song of White and Lapis x5
[Guild★7] A Cold Set of Armor x5
[Guild★7] Hammer vs. Blade x5
[Guild★7] A Roar to the Heavens x5
[Guild★7] The Hapless Bodyguard x5
[Guild★7] Seer of Swords x5
[Guild★7] Repaying the Favor x5
[Guild★7] Putting the Gore in Magala x5
[Guild★7] Tigrex, Tigrex, Burning Bright x5
[Guild★7] A Thousand Blades of Wrath x5
[Guild★7] A Fiery Temper x5
[Guild★7] The Unassailable Seltas Queen x5
[Guild★7] Savage Sword of the Desert x5
[Guild★7] Wyvernlit Evening x5
[Guild★7] Wyverns All Around Us x5
[Guild★7] Wild Gods, Calm Rangers x5
[Guild★7] Into the Maelstrom x5
[Guild★7] The Lithe and Unbreaking x5
[Guild★7] The Peril of the Land x5
[Guild★7] The Wolf and the Footbath x5
[Guild★7] The Thieving Gypceros x5
[Guild★7] Steam and Smoke x5
[Guild★7] The Glowing Embers x5
[Guild★7] Primal Forest Defense x5
[Guild★7] The End of the Trials x5
[Guild★7] The Descending Fog x5
[Guild★7] Searching for Secret Baths x5
[Guild★7] Show Me Your Shaka-Strength x5
[Guild★7] The Marshlands Nightmare x5
[Guild★7] The Birds of Prey x5
[Guild★7] The Fanged Beasts x5
[Guild★7] The Winged Wyverns x5
[Guild★7] The Foes of the Deep x5
[Guild★7] The Beasts of Brawn x5
[Guild★7] Child of Destruction x5
[Guild★7] The Frozen Dictator x5
[Guild★7] Kushala Daora Strikes x5
[Guild★7] The Elder Dragon of Mist x5
[Guild★7] Beyond the Silence x5
[Guild★7] Emperor of Flame x5
[Guild★7] The Fires of Devastation x5
[Guild★7] Grim Tidings x5
[Guild★7] Absolute Zero x5
[Guild★7] The Looming Calamity x5
[Guild★7] The Brilliant Darkness x5
[Special Permit] Redhelm IV: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Redhelm V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Snowbaron IV: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Snowbaron V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Snowbaron VIII: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Stonefist IV: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Stonefist V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Stonefist VIII: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen VIII: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Drilltusk IV: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Drilltusk V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Silverwind IV: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Silverwind V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Silverwind VIII: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard IV: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard VIII: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Deadeye IV: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Deadeye V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Deadeye VIII: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Dreadking III: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Dreadking VI: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Thunderlord III: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Thunderlord VI: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Grimclaw III: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Grimclaw V: Hunt x5
[Special Permit] Hellblade VII: Hunt x5
[Event] The Exploding Flame King x5
[Event] The Steel Vanguard x5


Tranquilizer + Throwing Knife = Tranq Knife
Throwing Knife + Toadstool = Poison Knife
Throwing Knife + Sleep Herb = Sleep Knife
Throwing Knife + Parashroom = Paralysis Knife

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