Steel Egg

An egg of glittering steel. Very valuable and rare, but of no use to a hunter.



[Village★4] A Unique Cuppa x3 100%
[Village★4] A Unique Cuppa x3 45%
[Village★3] Cancer of the Dunes x5 45%
[Guild★2] Rocking Rhenoplos x5 45%
[Village★3] Cancer of the Dunes x3 40%
[Village★3] Cancer of the Dunes x3 40%
[Village★5] Behind Closed Ores x3 40%
[Guild★2] Rocking Rhenoplos x3 40%
[Village★5] Fungus Fetch x3 30%
[Village★5] Behind Closed Ores x3 30%
[Guild★2] Rocking Rhenoplos x3 30%
[Arena] Grudge Match: Kecha Wacha x1 20%
[Arena] Grudge Match: Bird Wyverns x1 20%
[Arena] Grudge Match: Plesioth x3 20%
[Arena] Grudge Match: Brachydios x3 20%
[Village★5] An Offer You Can't Relieve x1 15%
[Village★5] Fungus Fetch x3 15%
[Village★2] Jurassic Frontier Accounting x1 10%
[Village★2] Dunes Accounting x1 10%
[Village★2] Verdant Hills Accounting x1 10%
[Village★2] Arctic Ridge Accounting x1 10%
[Village★2] Misty Peaks Accounting x1 10%
[Village★3] Into the Wyvern's Den x1 10%
[Village★3] Deserted Island Accounting x1 10%
[Village★3] Marshlands Accounting x1 10%
[Village★4] Volcano Accounting x1 10%
[Guild★2] Royal Assassination x1 10%
[Village★2] Lucky Frontier Cat x1 10%
[Village★3] Lucky Hills Cat x1 10%
[Village★4] An Offer You Can't Refuse x1 10%
[Village★4] Arctic Point Expedition x1 10%
[Guild★1] Lucky Mountain Cat x1 10%
[Guild★5] Lucky Volcano Cat x1 10%
[Event] Animal Crossing: Picnic Day x1 10%
[Village★6] Advanced: The Goliaths x3 10%
[Guild★5] Ancestral Steppe Accounting x3 10%
[Guild★5] Primal Forest Accounting x3 10%
[Guild★5] Status: Effected x3 10%
[Guild★5] Desert Brawlers x3 10%
[Guild★6] Frozen Seaway Accounting x3 10%
[Guild★6] Volcanic Hollow Accounting x3 10%
[Guild★6] Dances with Wyverns x3 10%
[Guild★6] Bugging Out x3 10%
[Guild★6] A Three Hour Tour x3 10%
[Guild★6] A Hollow Defense x3 10%
[Guild★6] Wild Gunman x3 10%
[Guild★6] Marshlands Rag x3 10%
[Guild★6] Firefight to the Finish! x3 10%
[Guild★7] A Cold Set of Armor x3 10%
[Event] Volcano Item Delivery x5 8%
[Village★3] For Whom the Egg Yolks x1 5%
[Village★3] For Whom the Egg Yolks x1 5%


Weapons (Upgrade)
Egg Hammer 2 x1

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