Silver Egg

An egg of glittering silver. Very valuable and rare, but of no use to a hunter.



[Event] Fan Club: Great All Stars x1 20%
[Event] Yu-Gi-Oh: A Beautiful Wyvern x1 10%
[Event] Strider: Frozen Mission x1 10%
[Event] A Land Draped in Fantasy x1 10%
[Event] The Best of the Best x1 10%
[Event] The Greatest Hunter x1 10%
[Event] Crows: The Black Crows x1 8%
[Event] Yowamushi Pedal: Princess x1 8%
[Event] Fan Club: Great All Stars x1 8%
[Event] Fan Club: Remobra Removal x1 8%
[Event] Volcano Item Delivery x1 8%
[Event] Anything For a Buck x1 8%
[Event] Flames of Savagery at USJ x1 7%
[Event] A Season for Lava x1 7%
[Event] CoroCoro: Rolling Bowlers x1 7%
[Event] Frost and Fire at USJ x1 7%
[Event] The Three Virtues x1 7%
[Event] No Party Poopers! x1 7%
[Event] Volcano Item Delivery x1 7%
[Event] A Mammoth Mistake x1 7%
[Event] The Untamed Mountains x1 7%
[Event] Overcome with Awe x1 7%
[Village★5] A Late Jurassic Excursion x1 5%
[Village★5] A Sandy Battle Royale x1 5%
[Village★5] Scientific Method x1 5%
[Village★6] Night Terrors x1 5%
[Village★6] Bristly Fanged Beasts x1 5%
[Village★6] Drawing the Waterline x1 5%
[Village★6] The Cankerous Quagmire x1 5%
[Village★6] Volcano Triple Play x1 5%
[Village★6] It's Electric x1 5%
[Village★6] The White Brute x1 5%
[Village★6] The White Brute x1 5%
[Village★6] Stop the Wheel x1 5%
[Village★6] The Fated Four x1 5%
[Village★6] Advanced: The Goliaths x1 5%
[Village★6] Advanced: Nothing is Sacred x1 5%
[Village★6] Advanced: Might is Right x1 5%
[Village★6] Advanced: State in Flux x1 5%
[Village★6] Advanced: The Field's a Stage x1 5%
[Village★6] Advanced: Out of the Fry Pan x1 5%
[Guild★3] An Early Jurassic Excursion x1 5%
[Guild★3] Wyvern Sand Runners x1 5%
[Guild★3] Zinogre, Bearly Fazed x1 5%
[Guild★3] Making it Safe for Swine x1 5%
[Guild★3] Rumble in the Volcano x1 5%
[Guild★3] It's Electric x1 5%
[Guild★3] The White Brute x1 5%
[Guild★3] The White Brute x1 5%
[Guild★4] A Powerful Team x1 5%
[Guild★5] Ancestral Steppe Accounting x1 5%
[Guild★5] Primal Forest Accounting x1 5%
[Guild★5] The Most Dangerous Game x1 5%
[Guild★5] Status: Effected x1 5%
[Guild★5] Desert Brawlers x1 5%
[Guild★6] Frozen Seaway Accounting x1 5%
[Guild★6] Volcanic Hollow Accounting x1 5%
[Guild★6] Dances with Wyverns x1 5%
[Guild★6] Bugging Out x1 5%
[Guild★6] A Three Hour Tour x1 5%
[Guild★6] A Hollow Defense x1 5%
[Guild★6] Wild Gunman x1 5%
[Guild★6] Marshlands Rag x1 5%
[Guild★6] Firefight to the Finish! x1 5%
[Guild★6] It's Electric x1 5%
[Guild★6] The White Brute x1 5%
[Guild★6] The White Brute x1 5%
[Guild★6] A Scenic Locale x1 5%
[Guild★6] The Coal Still Burns x1 5%
[Guild★7] Stop the Wheel x1 5%
[Guild★7] A Cold Set of Armor x1 5%
[Guild★7] A Man's Arena is His Castle x1 5%
[Guild★7] Child of Destruction x1 5%
[Guild★6] Big Bro's Benevolence x1 5%
[Event] Famitsu: Mizutsune Feature x1 5%
[Event] Uniqlo Shock Fest x1 5%
[Event] Dance of Dreams at USJ x1 5%
[Event] Felyne Village: The Tourney x1 5%
[Village★2] Jurassic Frontier Accounting x1 3%
[Village★2] Dunes Accounting x1 3%
[Village★2] Verdant Hills Accounting x1 3%
[Village★2] Arctic Ridge Accounting x1 3%
[Village★2] Misty Peaks Accounting x1 3%
[Village★3] Deserted Island Accounting x1 3%
[Village★3] Marshlands Accounting x1 3%
[Village★4] Volcano Accounting x1 3%


Weapons (Upgrade)
Egg Hammer 3 x1
Fate Jwl 1 x2

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