Sharp Claw

A shining black claw. Unlike wyvern claws, this is shaped to grip objects.


Category Value


Low Body Carve x1 28%
High Body Carve x1 23%
Low Body Carve x1 26%
High Body Carve x1 20%
Low Body Carve x1 25%
[Village★3] Cancer of the Dunes x10 40%
[Guild★4] Shells of Steel x4 30%
[Village★2] Slay the Genprey! x4 25%
[Village★2] Hermit Grab x4 25%
[Village★2] A Pack of Blangos x4 25%
[Village★3] Crustacean Frustration x4 25%
[Village★3] Cancer of the Dunes x4 25%
[Village★4] The New Tenant x4 25%
[Guild★1] Hermitaur Party x4 25%
[Guild★2] Blango Slaying Tactics x4 25%
[Village★4] The Secret Ingredient x4 25%
[Village★4] Marshlands Mission x4 20%
[Village★4] Crustacean Infestation x4 20%
[Village★4] Crustacean Infatuation x4 20%
[Guild★3] Crustacean Infestation x4 20%
[Guild★6] Quartz Rivalry x4 20%
[Village★3] Cancer of the Dunes x10 20%
[Village★2] Slay the Genprey! x2 15%
[Village★2] Hermit Grab x2 15%
[Village★2] A Pack of Blangos x2 15%
[Village★3] Crustacean Frustration x2 15%
[Village★3] Cancer of the Dunes x2 15%
[Village★4] The New Tenant x2 15%
[Village★4] Marshlands Mission x2 15%
[Village★4] Crustacean Infestation x2 15%
[Village★4] Crustacean Infatuation x2 15%
[Guild★1] Hermitaur Party x2 15%
[Guild★2] Blango Slaying Tactics x2 15%
[Guild★3] Crustacean Infestation x2 15%
[Village★3] Crustacean Frustration x3 15%
[Village★3] The Crabbiest Catch x3 15%
[Village★4] Hunt-a-thon: Daimyo Hermitaur x3 15%
[Village★4] Marshlands Mission x3 15%
[Village★4] Crustacean Infatuation x3 15%
[Guild★2] Pincer through the Sky x3 15%
[Guild★3] The Shogun's Encampment x3 15%
[Guild★5] The New Tenant x6 15%
[Event] Mario: The White Donkey Kong? x6 15%
[Village★6] D. Hermitaur Shellbreaker x3 12%
[Guild★3] Hot Scales & Sharp Pincers x4 12%
[Event] CoroCoro: Lost in the Swamp x4 12%
[Village★3] Tusked Tantrum x2 10%
[Village★3] Jurassic Treasure: The Frog x2 10%
[Village★3] Snow with Occasional Lagombi x2 10%
[Village★4] Jurassic Treasure: The Bug x2 10%
[Village★4] The New Tenant x2 10%
[Village★4] Lagombi Lair x2 10%
[Village★4] Deviled Legs x2 10%
[Village★4] Tumbling Troublemaker x2 10%
[Village★5] Behind Closed Ores x2 10%
[Guild★2] Walk 'n Roll x2 10%
[Guild★2] Tongue-Tied x2 10%
[Guild★2] The New Tenant x2 10%
[Guild★2] Tetsucabra Bounty x2 10%
[Guild★2] Deserted Island Dustup x2 10%
[Guild★4] Shells of Steel x6 10%
[Guild★6] Quartz Rivalry x6 10%
[Village★6] The Right Cattitude x2 9%
[Village★5] Two Roars in the Snow x2 8%
[Village★5] The Unwavering Colossus x2 8%
[Village★5] Scientific Method x2 8%
[Village★6] Bristly Fanged Beasts x2 8%
[Guild★3] Fury Run Afoul x2 8%
[Guild★3] Hot Scales & Sharp Pincers x2 8%
[Guild★4] Swing into Action x3 8%
[Guild★4] Tackling the Tetsucabra x3 8%
[Guild★4] The Bulldrome Charges x3 8%
[Guild★4] Snow with Occasional Lagombi x3 8%
[Guild★4] Arzuros Encroaches x3 8%
[Guild★5] So Notable: Kecha Wacha x3 8%
[Guild★5] Fin Finder x3 8%
[Guild★5] Tetsucabra Bounty x3 8%
[Guild★5] The New Tenant x3 8%
[Guild★5] Tumbling Troublemaker x3 8%
[Guild★5] Hunt, Sweat, and Tears x3 8%
[Village★6] Advanced: Barrage of Blue x2 6%
[Guild★6] The Unshakable Mountain God x2 6%
[Guild★6] Legend of the Monkey King x2 6%
[Guild★6] The Rajang in the Snow x2 6%
[Guild★6] Fury Run Afoul x2 6%
[Guild★6] Bl-Bl-Blangongas! x2 6%
[Guild★6] Coal Hearted x2 6%
[Guild★6] A Three Hour Tour x2 6%
[Guild★6] At the Slayground x2 6%
[Guild★7] The Hapless Bodyguard x2 6%
[Guild★5] Kecha Wacha Earbreaker x2 5%
[Guild★6] The Snow Must Go On x2 5%
[Guild★7] The Ball's in Your Court x2 5%
[Guild★7] Uragaan Shellbreaker x2 5%
[Event] A Hero's Return x2 5%
[Event] Fan Club: Arena Action x2 5%
[Village★6] Poison and Fangs x2 4%
[Guild★3] Out of the Frying Pan x2 4%
[Guild★7] Meownster Hunter x2 4%
[Event] Jump: Crimson Strongmen x2 4%
[Event] SF: Ultimate Entrance Exam x2 4%



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