Poison Coating

An arrow coating that applies Poison effects to arrows. Capacity: 20



Purchase from shop for 17z
[Village★1] Find the Ferns x15
[Village★1] Due for Dragon Amber x15
[Village★1] Medicinal Moths x15
[Village★1] Horns o' Plenty x15
[Village★1] A Fungal Hunt x15
[Village★1] Wipe Out! x15
[Village★1] Another Pack Attack x15
[Village★2] Vaulting Outlaw x15
[Village★2] Rambunctious Rhenoplos x15
[Village★2] On the Rebound x15
[Village★2] A Berry Good Idea x15
[Village★2] A Fern is Forever x15
[Village★2] Jurassic Frontier Accounting x15
[Village★2] Gendrome Roadblock x15
[Village★2] The Land Sharq x15
[Village★2] Slay the Genprey! x15
[Village★2] Hermit Grab x15
[Village★2] Birthday Berries x15
[Village★2] Liver of Legend! x15
[Village★2] Dunes Accounting x15
[Village★2] Hunt Down the Velocidrome! x15
[Village★2] Slay the Velociprey! x15
[Village★2] Bullfango Tango x15
[Village★2] Prime Premium Sashimi x15
[Village★2] Verdant Hills Accounting x15
[Village★2] The Mountain Roughrider x15
[Village★2] Slay the Giaprey! x15
[Village★2] A Pack of Blangos x15
[Village★2] Medicinal Mountain Herbs x15
[Village★2] Arctic Ridge Accounting x15
[Village★2] Arzuros the Azure Beast x15
[Village★2] Bye Bye Jaggia x15
[Village★2] Howling Harassment x15
[Village★2] Fungal Fad x15
[Village★2] Sunsnug Sprout Courier x15
[Village★2] Misty Peaks Accounting x15
[Village★3] Tusked Tantrum x15
[Village★3] Stomping Grounds x15
[Village★3] Chasing Tail x15
[Village★3] Jurassic Treasure: The Frog x15
[Village★3] Bit by the Fashion Bug x15
[Village★3] Tumultuous Sprouts x15
[Village★3] Fishy Favor x15
[Village★3] Crustacean Frustration x15
[Village★3] The Desert Gourmand x15
[Village★3] Konchu Collector x15
[Village★3] Cancer of the Dunes x15
[Village★3] Deliver the Liver x15
[Village★3] Farming Frustrations x15
[Village★3] Financial Focus on Fungus x15
[Village★3] Local Threat x15
[Village★3] Into the Wyvern's Den x15
[Village★3] Snow with Occasional Lagombi x15
[Village★3] Anteka Anticipation x15
[Village★3] The Shadow in the Mountains x15
[Village★3] No Go on the Popo x15
[Village★3] Bully the Bullfango x15
[Village★3] For Whom the Egg Yolks x15
[Village★3] Royal Spit Take x15
[Village★3] A Forest Fracas x15
[Village★3] Royal Honey Hunt x15
[Village★3] Current Events x15
[Village★3] The Crabbiest Catch x15
[Village★3] Pack Woes x15
[Village★3] The Fungus Among Us x15
[Village★3] Moofah Must-haves x15
[Village★3] Deserted Island Accounting x15
[Village★3] Sunsnug Isle Rescue! x15
[Village★3] Robbed Blind x15
[Village★3] Pest Control x15
[Village★3] Travelers in Trouble x15
[Village★3] Royal Rhinos Gone Wild x15
[Village★3] Marshlands Accounting x15
[Village★4] The Nocturnal Enchanter x15
[Village★4] Wyvern of the Wind x15
[Village★4] Jurassic Treasure: The Bug x15
[Village★4] Unlock the Secret to... x15
[Village★4] A Unique Cuppa x15
[Village★4] Hunt-a-thon: Gendrome x15
[Village★4] Mining: The Final Frontier x15
[Village★4] Wrath of the Rathian x15
[Village★4] Noise Violation x15
[Village★4] Hunt-a-thon: Yian Kut-Ku x15
[Village★4] Hunt-a-thon: Velocidrome x15
[Village★4] The New Tenant x15
[Village★4] Lagombi Lair x15
[Village★4] Hungry Eyes x15
[Village★4] Royal Pains x15
[Village★4] Peddling Practice x15
[Village★4] Island Menace x15
[Village★4] Deviled Legs x15
[Village★4] Hunt-a-thon: Daimyo Hermitaur x15
[Village★4] Marshlands Mission x15
[Village★4] Serpentine Samba x15
[Village★4] Lurkin' in the Murk x15
[Village★4] Crustacean Infestation x15
[Village★4] Tumbling Troublemaker x15
[Village★4] Crustacean Infatuation x15
[Village★4] Rocking the Uroktor x15
[Village★4] Great Ore Discovery x15
[Village★4] Volcano Accounting x15
[Village★5] Trifecta of Terror x15
[Village★5] The Thunderclaw Wyvern x15
[Village★5] Fungus Fetch x15
[Village★5] Two Roars in the Snow x15
[Village★5] Hunt-a-thon: Khezu x15
[Village★5] The Unwavering Colossus x15
[Village★5] Lagiacrus Fuss x15
[Village★5] The Entrancing Water Dancer x15
[Village★5] The Fisherman's Fiend x15
[Village★5] Island Heat x15
[Village★5] Double Vision x15
[Village★5] Hunt-a-thon: Gypceros x15
[Village★5] Behind Closed Ores x15
[Village★5] A King, Robed in Smoke x15
[Village★5] Fight or Uragaan! x15
[Village★5] Great Knuckleballs o' Fire! x15
[Village★5] Hunt-a-thon: Iodrome x15
[Village★5] Envoy to Disaster x15
[Village★5] A Late Jurassic Excursion x15
[Village★5] A Sandy Battle Royale x15
[Village★5] Scientific Method x15
[Village★6] The Scorching Blade x15
[Village★6] Dark Wings, Dark Work x15
[Village★6] Tuff Turf x15
[Village★6] From Beyond the Sands x15
[Village★6] Tigrex by the Tail x15
[Village★6] A Thousand Scales of Dread x15
[Village★6] The Perilous Pair x15
[Village★6] The Hero's Journey x15
[Village★6] The Bellowing Zinogre x15
[Village★6] Brachydios Mio! x15
[Village★6] Under the Gaze of Heaven x15
[Village★6] Break the Brachydios x15
[Village★6] Night Terrors x15
[Village★6] Bristly Fanged Beasts x15
[Village★6] Drawing the Waterline x15
[Village★6] The Cankerous Quagmire x15
[Village★6] Volcano Triple Play x15
[Village★6] It's Electric x15
[Village★6] The White Brute x15
[Village★6] Stop the Wheel x15
[Village★6] The Fated Four x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Fungus Fetchin' x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Jurassic Treasure x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Invoking Rath x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Seismic Scares x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Twinkle Toes x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Seltas Queen x15
[Village★6] Advanced: The Goliaths x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Barrage of Blue x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Seeing Red x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Nothing is Sacred x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Snowtal Recall x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Invisible Thief x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Teostra's Return x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Might is Right x15
[Village★6] Advanced: State in Flux x15
[Village★6] Advanced: The Field's a Stage x15
[Village★6] Advanced: The Golden Pair x15
[Village★6] Advanced: Out of the Fry Pan x15
[Guild★1] Boot to the Head x15
[Guild★1] Tackling the Tetsucabra x15
[Guild★1] Lost in the Jurassic Frontier x15
[Guild★1] Red-Faced Ruffians x15
[Guild★1] A Fern is Forever x15
[Guild★1] Gendrome Roadblock x15
[Guild★1] In Pursuit of the Sand Wyvern x15
[Guild★1] Shells of Steel x15
[Guild★1] Hermitaur Party x15
[Guild★1] Ingredient Hunter x15
[Guild★1] Hunt Down the Velocidrome! x15
[Guild★1] Local Threat x15
[Guild★1] Financial Focus on Fungus x15
[Guild★1] Farming Frustrations x15
[Guild★1] Snow with Occasional Lagombi x15
[Guild★1] Preying on Giaprey x15
[Guild★1] Special Home Brew x15
[Guild★1] Bulldrome of the Peaks x15
[Guild★1] The Ingredient of Legend x15
[Guild★1] Royal Spit Take x15
[Guild★1] A Mother's Woes x15
[Guild★1] Jaggi Junket x15
[Guild★1] The Next Best Thing x15
[Guild★2] Insomnia? Meet Hypnotism x15
[Guild★2] Walk 'n Roll x15
[Guild★2] Rocking Rhenoplos x15
[Guild★2] The Desert Gourmand x15
[Guild★2] Tongue-Tied x15
[Guild★2] The Poison-fanged Duo x15
[Guild★2] Konchu Collector x15
[Guild★2] Liver of Legend! x15
[Guild★2] Noise Violation x15
[Guild★2] Finishing the Job x15
[Guild★2] Fresh is Best x15
[Guild★2] The Shadow in the Mountains x15
[Guild★2] The New Tenant x15
[Guild★2] Blango Slaying Tactics x15
[Guild★2] Operation: Secure Specimen x15
[Guild★2] Royal Assassination x15
[Guild★2] Ahoy! Royal Ludroth! x15
[Guild★2] Bye Bye Jaggia x15
[Guild★2] Malfestio Festival x15
[Guild★2] Wyvern of the Wind x15
[Guild★2] Tetsucabra Bounty x15
[Guild★2] Deserted Island Dustup x15
[Guild★2] Bnahabra Bloodbath x15
[Guild★2] Poisonous Pest x15
[Guild★2] Pincer through the Sky x15
[Guild★2] Serpentine Samba x15
[Guild★2] Ioprey Hunting x15
[Guild★2] Attack of the Giant Bugs! x15
[Guild★2] Collect to Combine x15
[Guild★3] Flames of Glavenus Passion x15
[Guild★3] Tigrex by the Tail x15
[Guild★3] Dark Wings, Dark Work x15
[Guild★3] Fossilized Memories x15
[Guild★3] A Thousand Scales of Dread x15
[Guild★3] A Shocking Scoundrel x15
[Guild★3] The King's Domain x15
[Guild★3] Fury Run Afoul x15
[Guild★3] Lagiacrus Lethargy x15
[Guild★3] Moonlit Bubble Bath x15
[Guild★3] Topple the Monarch x15
[Guild★3] Lagiacrushed x15
[Guild★3] Tuff Turf x15
[Guild★3] Isle About that Bass x15
[Guild★3] Heaven and Earth x15
[Guild★3] Fro Shizzle x15
[Guild★3] Bladed Glavenus x15
[Guild★3] Fight or Uragaan! x15
[Guild★3] The Shogun's Encampment x15
[Guild★3] Crustacean Infestation x15
[Guild★3] Scavengers United x15
[Guild★3] More Coal Please x15
[Guild★3] An Early Jurassic Excursion x15
[Guild★3] Wyvern Sand Runners x15
[Guild★3] Zinogre, Bearly Fazed x15
[Guild★3] Making it Safe for Swine x15
[Guild★3] Rumble in the Volcano x15
[Guild★3] It's Electric x15
[Guild★3] The White Brute x15
[Guild★3] The Frozen Dictator x15
[Guild★3] The Elder Dragon of Mist x15
[Guild★3] Emperor of Flame x15
[Guild★3] Stop the Wheel x15
[Guild★3] Two-headed Carcass x15
[Guild★4] Swing into Action x15
[Guild★4] Ruining the Ruins x15
[Guild★4] Bag the Bounding Bandit x15
[Guild★4] Jaggi of the Steppe x15
[Guild★4] Ancestral Steppe Fungus Run x15
[Guild★4] Bug Appétit x15
[Guild★4] Gendrome Roadblock x15
[Guild★4] Lost in the Primal Forest x15
[Guild★4] Hunt Down the Velocidrome! x15
[Guild★4] Poison Paralysis Pinch x15
[Guild★4] Crystal Bone Collector x15
[Guild★4] Hair of the Dog x15
[Guild★4] Tackling the Tetsucabra x15
[Guild★4] So Notable: Great Maccao x15
[Guild★4] The Land Sharq x15
[Guild★4] Shells of Steel x15
[Guild★4] Birds of a Feather x15
[Guild★4] Bullfango Brigade x15
[Guild★4] Delicious White Livers x15
[Guild★4] The Bulldrome Charges x15
[Guild★4] Snow with Occasional Lagombi x15
[Guild★4] Arzuros Encroaches x15
[Guild★4] Royal Spit Take x15
[Guild★4] Netting Neopterons x15
[Guild★4] Clash of Rivals x15
[Guild★4] A Powerful Team x15
[Guild★5] So Notable: Kecha Wacha x15
[Guild★5] Ancestral Steppe Accounting x15
[Guild★5] Dragon Lady x15
[Guild★5] The Ioprey Leader x15
[Guild★5] The Intelligent Malfestio x15
[Guild★5] Serpentine Samba x15
[Guild★5] Spotted Beauty x15
[Guild★5] Primal Forest Accounting x15
[Guild★5] Fin Finder x15
[Guild★5] The Walls Have Eyes x15
[Guild★5] Must Love Lagombi x15
[Guild★5] Zamite Fight x15
[Guild★5] Stone-cold Stones x15
[Guild★5] Liver and Let Die x15
[Guild★5] Fight or Uragaan! x15
[Guild★5] Tetsucabra Bounty x15
[Guild★5] Close Coal x15
[Guild★5] Nargacuga Throwdown x15
[Guild★5] Insomnia? Meet Hypnotism x 2 x15
[Guild★5] The Desert Gourmand x15
[Guild★5] Line in the Sand x15
[Guild★5] Wrath of the Rathian x15
[Guild★5] Twin Velocidrome x15
[Guild★5] The New Tenant x15
[Guild★5] A Plesioth in the Misty Peaks x15
[Guild★5] Awful Guest x15
[Guild★5] Poisonous Pair x15
[Guild★5] Attack of the Giant Bugs! x15
[Guild★5] You Caught This? I Caught This x15
[Guild★5] Tumbling Troublemaker x15
[Guild★5] Shogun in the Flames x15
[Guild★5] The Most Dangerous Game x15
[Guild★5] Status: Effected x15
[Guild★5] Desert Brawlers x15
[Guild★5] The Hunter Games x15
[Guild★5] Hunt, Sweat, and Tears x15
[Guild★6] The Lightning Crown x15
[Guild★6] What a Girl Wants x15
[Guild★6] Rathalos Run x15
[Guild★6] Watch Your Steppe x15
[Guild★6] Bug Buffet x15
[Guild★6] A Bewitching Dance x15
[Guild★6] Dread Locked x15
[Guild★6] The Unshakable Mountain God x15
[Guild★6] Topple the Monarch x15
[Guild★6] Bedevil a Deviljho x15
[Guild★6] Frozen Seaway Accounting x15
[Guild★6] Master of the Molten Deep x15
[Guild★6] Duel in the Volcanic Hollow x15
[Guild★6] Volcanic Hollow Accounting x15
[Guild★6] Bug Bite x15
[Guild★6] Heaven and Earth x15
[Guild★6] From Beyond the Sands x15
[Guild★6] Legend of the Monkey King x15
[Guild★6] Astalos Territory x15
[Guild★6] Lord of the Skies x15
[Guild★6] The Rajang in the Snow x15
[Guild★6] Fury Run Afoul x15
[Guild★6] Bl-Bl-Blangongas! x15
[Guild★6] Surrounded by Bubbles x15
[Guild★6] The Moving Mountain x15
[Guild★6] The Fisherman's Fiend x15
[Guild★6] Open Season for Jaggia x15
[Guild★6] For Whom the Gong Tolls x15
[Guild★6] Quartz Rivalry x15
[Guild★6] We Can Dig It x15
[Guild★6] Coal Hearted x15
[Guild★6] River of Fire x15
[Guild★6] Dances with Wyverns x15
[Guild★6] Bugging Out x15
[Guild★6] A Three Hour Tour x15
[Guild★6] A Hollow Defense x15
[Guild★6] Wild Gunman x15
[Guild★6] Marshlands Rag x15
[Guild★6] Firefight to the Finish! x15
[Guild★6] At the Slayground x15
[Guild★6] It's Electric x15
[Guild★6] The White Brute x15
[Guild★6] A Scenic Locale x15
[Guild★6] Miasma Attack x15
[Guild★6] Stop the Wacha! x15
[Guild★6] We Are Not Amused x15
[Guild★6] Zamtrios Fight! x15
[Guild★6] The Frog of War x15
[Guild★6] Triple Toady Terror x15
[Guild★6] The Coal Still Burns x15
[Guild★6] Woe Malfestio x15
[Guild★6] Born of Darkness x15
[Guild★6] Nibeling on Apples x15
[Guild★6] Hyper for Holes x15
[Guild★6] The Plesioth Adventure x15
[Guild★6] Daimyo of the Deserted Island x15
[Guild★6] Where the Wild Manes Are x15
[Guild★6] Hyper Investigation x15
[Guild★6] The Khezu and the Shadow x15
[Guild★6] Bring On the Shogun x15
[Guild★6] Unnerving Najarala x15
[Guild★6] Eruption Embodied x15
[Guild★6] The Magma's Rage x15
[Guild★6] Minion Audition Imposition x15
[Guild★7] Stop the Wheel x15
[Guild★7] A Gathering of Wyverns x15
[Guild★7] A Song of White and Lapis x15
[Guild★7] A Cold Set of Armor x15
[Guild★7] Rocked and Rolled x15
[Guild★7] So Notable: Seregios x15
[Guild★7] Hammer vs. Blade x15
[Guild★7] A Roar to the Heavens x15
[Guild★7] The Hapless Bodyguard x15
[Guild★7] Seer of Swords x15
[Guild★7] The Yukumo Gal Special x15
[Guild★7] Repaying the Favor x15
[Guild★7] You Bet Your Life x15
[Guild★7] Wyvern's Way x15
[Guild★7] Bewitching Heat x15
[Guild★7] The Mountain God's Lightning x15
[Guild★7] A Man's Arena is His Castle x15
[Guild★7] The Hunter Games x15
[Guild★7] The Flames of War x15
[Guild★7] A Shocking Revelation! x15
[Guild★7] The Gathering Storm x15
[Guild★7] Hellfire Star x15
[Guild★7] Putting the Gore in Magala x15
[Guild★7] Tigrex, Tigrex, Burning Bright x15
[Guild★7] A Thousand Blades of Wrath x15
[Guild★7] A Fiery Temper x15
[Guild★7] The Unassailable Seltas Queen x15
[Guild★7] Savage Sword of the Desert x15
[Guild★7] Wyvernlit Evening x15
[Guild★7] Wyverns All Around Us x15
[Guild★7] Wild Gods, Calm Rangers x15
[Guild★7] Into the Maelstrom x15
[Guild★7] The Lithe and Unbreaking x15
[Guild★7] The Peril of the Land x15
[Guild★7] The Wolf and the Footbath x15
[Guild★7] The Thieving Gypceros x15
[Guild★7] Steam and Smoke x15
[Guild★7] The Glowing Embers x15
[Guild★7] Primal Forest Defense x15
[Guild★7] The End of the Trials x15
[Guild★7] The Descending Fog x15
[Guild★7] Searching for Secret Baths x15
[Guild★7] Show Me Your Shaka-Strength x15
[Guild★7] The Marshlands Nightmare x15
[Guild★7] The Birds of Prey x15
[Guild★7] The Fanged Beasts x15
[Guild★7] The Winged Wyverns x15
[Guild★7] The Foes of the Deep x15
[Guild★7] The Beasts of Brawn x15
[Guild★7] Child of Destruction x15
[Guild★7] A Shock in the Dark x15
[Guild★7] Triumphant Rage x15
[Guild★7] The Frozen Dictator x15
[Guild★7] Kushala Daora Strikes x15
[Guild★7] The Elder Dragon of Mist x15
[Guild★7] Beyond the Silence x15
[Guild★7] Emperor of Flame x15
[Guild★7] The Fires of Devastation x15
[Guild★7] Grim Tidings x15
[Guild★7] Absolute Zero x15
[Guild★7] The Looming Calamity x15
[Guild★7] The Brilliant Darkness x15
[Training] Guild Style Training x20
[Training] Striker Style Training x20
[Training] Aerial Style Training x20
[Training] Adept Style Training x20
[Special Permit] Redhelm I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Redhelm X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Snowbaron X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Stonefist X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadqueen X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Drilltusk X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Silverwind X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Crystalbeard X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking VIII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Dreadking X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord VII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Thunderlord X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw III: Hunt x10
[Special Permit] Grimclaw IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw VII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Grimclaw X: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade I: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade II: Capture x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade III: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade IV: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade V: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade VI: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade VII: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade IX: Hunt x15
[Special Permit] Hellblade X: Hunt x15
[Event] Flames of Savagery at USJ x15
[Event] A Season for Lava x15
[Event] Yowamushi Pedal: Princess x15
[Event] Baki: Biggest vs. Strongest x15
[Event] CoroCoro: Rolling Bowlers x15
[Event] Ushio & Tora: White Mizutsune x15
[Event] Magi: Rescue from the Fall x15
[Event] The Exploding Flame King x15
[Event] Yu-Gi-Oh: A Beautiful Wyvern x15
[Event] Jump: Boiling Magma x15
[Event] Famitsu: Mizutsune Feature x15
[Event] Dengeki: Turbulent Seas x15
[Event] Uniqlo Shock Fest x15
[Event] Dance of Dreams at USJ x15
[Event] Blazing Thunder at USJ x15
[Event] Frost and Fire at USJ x15
[Event] Star Fox: Battle at Arctic Ridge x15
[Event] The Three Virtues x15
[Event] Metroid: Special Mission x15
[Event] The Steel Vanguard x15
[Event] The Voracious King x15
[Event] DMC: The Seltas Queen's Cry x15
[Event] Mega Man: Yellow Devil x15
[Event] Capcom: Brilliant Orchestra x15
[Event] Felyne Village: The Tourney x15
[Event] Fan Club: Great All Stars x15
[Event] Fan Club: Remobra Removal x15
[Event] Capcom: White & Black x15
[Event] Capcom: The Ruler's Rage x15
[Event] Strider: Frozen Mission x15
[Event] Raging Twins x15
[Event] All's Hair in Glove & War x15
[Event] Okami: Most Wanted x15
[Event] Secret Nibelsnarf Hunt x15
[Event] The Obvious Choice... x15
[Event] It Would Be a Shame If... x15
[Event] Not Stepping One Foot... x15
[Event] Picturesque Encounter x15
[Event] Absolute Power x15
[Event] A Land Draped in Fantasy x15
[Event] The Formless One x15
[Event] The White God Returns x15
[Event] Evil Descendeth Upon Us x15
[Event] Where Gods Fear to Tread x15
[Event] Harbinger of Death x15
[Event] No Party Poopers! x15
[Event] The Five Kings of Destruction x15
[Event] How It's Done x15
[Event] Unbridled Rage x15
[Event] Insanity and Destruction x15
[Event] Volcano Item Delivery x15
[Event] Anything For a Buck x15
[Event] A Mammoth Mistake x15
[Event] The Untamed Mountains x15
[Event] Ghosts 'n Goblins: Seeing Red x15
[Event] The Best of the Best x15
[Event] The Greatest Hunter x15
[Event] Retreat Run-in x15
[Event] Overcome with Awe x15
[Event] The Hammer and the Pike x15


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