Monster Fluid

A liquid bugs suck from monsters. Mixes with insect gastric fluids to form adhesive.


Category Value


Low Body Carve x1 25%
Low Shiny Drop x1 20%
Low Shiny Drop x1 10%
Low Shiny Drop x1 10%
Low Shiny Drop x1 10%
Low Body Carve x1 23%
High Body Carve x1 8%
Low Body Carve x1 20%
Low Body Carve x1 17%
High Body Carve x1 15%
Low Body Carve x1 10%
High Capture x2 10%
[Village★3] The Fungus Among Us x1 20%
[Village★3] Pest Control x1 20%
[Guild★2] Attack of the Giant Bugs! x1 20%
[Village★1] Medicinal Moths x1 15%
[Village★3] Bit by the Fashion Bug x1 15%
[Village★4] Jurassic Treasure: The Bug x1 15%
[Guild★2] Bnahabra Bloodbath x1 15%
[Village★3] Bug Reports x1 15%
[Guild★4] Ancestral Steppe Fungus Run x2 15%
[Guild★4] Netting Neopterons x2 15%
[Guild★5] Ancestral Steppe Accounting x2 15%
[Village★4] Jurassic Treasure: The Bug x1 14%
[Village★4] Mining: The Final Frontier x1 14%
[Village★4] Tumbling Troublemaker x1 14%
[Village★5] Great Knuckleballs o' Fire! x1 14%
[Village★5] Great Knuckleballs o' Fire! x1 14%
[Guild★2] Walk 'n Roll x1 14%
[Guild★2] Walk 'n Roll x1 14%
[Guild★2] Tongue-Tied x1 14%
[Guild★2] Tongue-Tied x1 14%
[Guild★4] Netting Neopterons x2 14%
[Village★3] Pest Control x2 12%
[Guild★2] Attack of the Giant Bugs! x2 12%
[Village★3] Konchu Collector x1 10%
[Guild★2] Konchu Collector x1 10%
[Event] The Uniqlo Avant-garde x1 10%
[Guild★5] Attack of the Giant Bugs! x2 10%
[Guild★4] Bug Appétit x3 10%
[Guild★5] The Most Dangerous Game x3 10%
[Event] The Uniqlo Avant-garde x1 8%
[Guild★4] Bug Appétit x2 8%
[Guild★4] Hair of the Dog x2 8%
[Guild★6] Bug Bite x2 8%
[Guild★4] The Grandmeowster's Trials x2 8%
[Event] CoroCoro: Big Bad Bugs x2 8%
[Guild★4] We Cat All Be Heroes x2 6%
[Guild★5] Attack of the Giant Bugs! x2 4%
[Event] Jump: Crimson Strongmen x1 3%


Armors (Create)
Loc Lac Boots x2
Vespoid Greaves x1
Vespoid Leggings x1
Hornetaur Helm x1
Hornetaur Braces x1
Hornetaur Tassets x1
Hornetaur Cap x1
Hornetaur Guards x1
Hornetaur Coat x1
Bnahabra Suit x2
Bnahabra Coil x1
Bnahabra Vest x2
Bnahabra Coat x1
Cephalos Braces x1
Cephalos Guards x1
Obituary Crura x3
Obituary Tarsi x3
Butterfly Crura x3
Butterfly Tarsi x3
Remobra Headgear x2
Remobra Gloves x3
Remobra Mask x2
Remobra Hands x3
Volvidon Helm x2
Volvidon Faulds x1
Volvidon Cap x2
Volvidon Coat x1
Khezu Helm x2
Khezu Mail x2
Khezu Cap x2
Khezu Vest x2
Astalos Helm x5
Astalos Cap x5
Gore Helm x5
Gore Cap x5
Hunting Helm S x5
Hunting Faulds S x5
Hunting Greaves S x5
Hunting Cap S x5
Hunting Coat S x5
Hunting Leggings S x5
Loc Lac Boots S x4
Maccao Braces S x5
Maccao Guards S x5
Vespoid Greaves S x5
Vespoid Leggings S x5
Hornetaur Greaves S x5
Hornetaur Leggings S x5
Bnahabra Hat S x4
Bnahabra Gloves S x3
Bnahabra Boots S x3
Bnahabra Headpiece S x4
Bnahabra Sleeves S x3
Bnahabra Pants S x3
Plesioth Vambraces x4
Plesioth Guards x4
EX Lavasioth Helm x5
EX Lavasioth Cap x5
Astalos Helm S x10
Astalos Cap S x10
Guild Knight Feather x3
Guild Knight Suit x3
Guild Knight Gloves x3
Guild Knight Coat x3
Guild Knight Boots x3
Guild Knight Mask x3
Guild Knight Vest x3
Guild Knight Sleeves x3
Guild Knight Kilt x3
Guild Knight Tights x3
Maiden's Hat S x3
Maiden's Suit S x3
Maiden's Gloves S x3
Maiden's Skirt S x3
Maiden's Socks S x3
French Maid Glasses S x3
French Maid Vest S x3
French Maid Sleeves S x3
French Maid Frills S x3
French Maid Tights S x3
Paralysis Jwl 2 x2
Elemcoat Jwl 1 x2


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