Insect Scrap

A small, irregular scrap of material. Collect a lot to make equipment for Palicoes.


Category Value


Scraps (Armors)
Loc Lac Shawl x1
Loc Lac Kilt x1
Loc Lac Boots x1
Light Belt x1
Hornetaur Helm x2
Hornetaur Mail x2
Hornetaur Braces x2
Hornetaur Tassets x2
Hornetaur Greaves x2
Hornetaur Cap x2
Hornetaur Vest x2
Hornetaur Guards x2
Hornetaur Coat x2
Hornetaur Leggings x2
Konchu Helm x2
Konchu Braces x2
Konchu Cap x2
Konchu Guards x2
Melahoa Hat x2
Melahoa Jacket x2
Melahoa Branch x2
Melahoa Folia x2
Melahoa Roots x2
Melahoa Bloom x2
Melahoa Stalk x2
Melahoa Petal x2
Melahoa Trunk x2
Melahoa Taproot x2
Obituary Vertex x2
Obituary Thorax x2
Obituary Brachia x2
Obituary Elytra x2
Obituary Crura x2
Obituary Clypeus x2
Obituary Pleuron x2
Obituary Manus x2
Obituary Alae x2
Obituary Tarsi x2
Butterfly Vertex x2
Butterfly Thorax x2
Butterfly Brachia x2
Butterfly Elytra x2
Butterfly Crura x2
Butterfly Clypeus x2
Butterfly Pleuron x2
Butterfly Manus x2
Butterfly Alae x2
Butterfly Tarsi x2
Skalda Vertex x2
Skalda Thorax x2
Skalda Brachia x2
Skalda Elytra x2
Skalda Crura x2
Skalda Clypeus x2
Skalda Pleuron x2
Skalda Manus x2
Skalda Alae x2
Skalda Tarsi x2
Spio Vertex x2
Spio Thorax x2
Spio Brachia x2
Spio Elytra x2
Spio Crura x2
Spio Clypeus x2
Spio Pleuron x2
Spio Manus x2
Spio Alae x2
Spio Tarsi x2
Aelucanth Vertex x2
Aelucanth Thorax x2
Aelucanth Brachia x2
Aelucanth Elytra x2
Aelucanth Crura x2
Aelucanth Clypeus x2
Aelucanth Pleuron x2
Aelucanth Manus x2
Aelucanth Alae x2
Aelucanth Tarsi x2
Rhopessa Vertex x2
Rhopessa Thorax x2
Rhopessa Brachia x2
Rhopessa Elytra x2
Rhopessa Crura x2
Rhopessa Clypeus x2
Rhopessa Pleuron x2
Rhopessa Manus x2
Rhopessa Alae x2
Rhopessa Tarsi x2
Meownster Hunters (Maps)
Low Forest Honey x1 20%
Low Forest Honey x2 20%
Low Desert Honey x1 20%
Low Desert Honey x2 20%
Low Tundra Honey x1 20%
Low Tundra Honey x2 20%
Low Wetlands Honey x1 20%
Low Wetlands Honey x2 20%
Low Coast Honey x1 20%
Low Coast Honey x2 20%
Low Forest Insect x1 10%
Low Forest Insect x2 10%
Low Desert Insect x1 10%
Low Desert Insect x2 10%
Low Tundra Insect x1 10%
Low Tundra Insect x2 10%
Low Wetlands Insect x1 10%
Low Wetlands Insect x2 10%
Low Coast Insect x1 10%
Low Coast Insect x2 10%
Low Volcano Insect x1 10%
Low Volcano Insect x2 10%


Prowler Weapons (Create)
F Alta Net x3
F Volvi Lantern x3
Prowler Armors (Create)
F Alta Hat x1
F Alta Shirt x2



Items Value
Thunderbug 2
Carpenterbug 2
Shiny Beetle 3
Hercudrome 5

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