Humble Scrap

A common, simple scrap of material. Collect a lot to make equipment for Palicoes.



[Village★2] Prowler's First Errand x1 10%
[Village★2] Jurassic Fungologist x1 10%
[Village★2] Lucky Frontier Cat x1 10%
[Village★3] Verdant Hills Bully x1 10%
[Village★3] Lucky Hills Cat x1 10%
[Village★3] The Mining Drag x1 10%
[Village★3] Felyne Fishing Weekly x1 10%
[Village★3] Grooming the Moofahs x1 10%
[Village★3] Bug Reports x1 10%
[Village★4] Great Maccao Headbreaker x1 10%
[Village★4] Dash It All x1 10%
[Village★4] An Offer You Can't Refuse x1 10%
[Village★4] The Secret Ingredient x1 10%
[Village★4] Marshlands Fishing? x1 10%
[Village★4] Arctic Point Expedition x1 10%
[Village★5] Blood Red Marshlands x1 10%
[Village★5] An Offer You Can't Relieve x1 10%
[Village★5] Uroktor Hide 'n Seek x1 10%
[Village★5] Into the Volcano x1 10%
[Village★5] Kut-Ku Earbreaker x1 10%
[Village★6] The Right Cattitude x1 10%
[Village★6] D. Hermitaur Shellbreaker x1 10%
[Guild★1] Dance: The Final Frontier x1 10%
[Guild★1] Taste the Mountains x1 10%
[Guild★1] Lucky Mountain Cat x1 10%
[Guild★2] Running with the Night x1 10%
[Guild★2] A Cricket to Love x1 10%
[Guild★2] A Resplendent Dance x1 10%
[Guild★3] There's Always Room for Fish x1 10%
[Event] CoroCoro: Lost in the Swamp x1 10%
[Event] The King of Lynians! x1 10%
[Event] Initiate: Operation Moofah x1 10%
[Event] The Uniqlo Avant-garde x1 10%
[Village★6] Surrounded by Blue and Green x2 10%
[Village★6] Poison and Fangs x2 10%
[Guild★3] Hot Scales & Sharp Pincers x2 10%
[Guild★3] Out of the Frying Pan x2 10%
[Event] Jump: Crimson Strongmen x2 10%
[Village★5] Blood Red Marshlands x2 5%
[Village★5] An Offer You Can't Relieve x2 5%
[Village★5] Uroktor Hide 'n Seek x2 5%
[Village★5] Into the Volcano x2 5%
[Village★5] Kut-Ku Earbreaker x2 5%
[Village★6] The Right Cattitude x2 5%
[Village★6] D. Hermitaur Shellbreaker x2 5%
[Guild★2] Running with the Night x2 5%
[Guild★2] A Cricket to Love x2 5%
[Guild★2] A Resplendent Dance x2 5%
[Event] CoroCoro: Lost in the Swamp x2 5%
[Event] The King of Lynians! x2 5%


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