High-quality Pelt

Feels wonderful to the touch. Difficult to carve but valued by the Guild.


Category Value



Armors (Create)
Leather Helm S x1
Leather Mail S x1
Leather Braces S x1
Leather Faulds S x1
Leather Greaves S x2
Leather Cap S x1
Leather Vest S x1
Leather Guards S x1
Leather Coat S x1
Leather Leggings S x2
Bherna Turban S x2
Bherna Mail S x2
Bherna Braces S x2
Bherna Belt S x1
Bherna Greaves S x2
Bherna Cap S x2
Bherna Vest S x2
Bherna Guards S x2
Bherna Coat S x1
Bherna Leggings S x2
Hunting Helm S x5
Hunting Faulds S x5
Hunting Cap S x5
Hunting Coat S x5
Mafumofu Hood S x2
Mafumofu Suit S x2
Mafumofu Grips S x3
Mafumofu Coil S x2
Mafumofu Boots S x2
Mafumofu Cap S x2
Mafumofu Jacket S x2
Mafumofu Mittens S x3
Mafumofu Coat S x2
Mafumofu Tights S x2
Hunter's Helm S x2
Hunter's Cap S x2
Light Belt S x2
Iron Belt S x3
Moofah Head S x2
Moofah Suit S x2
Moofah Claws S x2
Moofah Coil S x2
Moofah Wig S x2
Moofah Jacket S x2
Moofah Sleeves S x2
Moofah Coat S x2
Gargwa Mask S x3
Velociprey Body S x5
Velociprey Suit S x5
Genprey Body S x5
Genprey Suit S x5
Trapper's Gauntlets S x4
Trapper's Shinguards S x3
Trapper's Gloves S x4
Trapper's Boots S x3
Mosswine Mask S x3
Mosswine Gloves S x3
Mosswine Feet S x3
Droth Mail S x3
Droth Faulds S x2
Droth Greaves S x3
Droth Vest S x3
Droth Coat S x2
Droth Leggings S x3
Uroktor Torso S x4
Uroktor Vest S x4
Velociprey Mail S x2
Velociprey Vest S x2
Kecha Helm x2
Kecha Cap x2
Lagombi Greaves S x4
Lagombi Leggings S x4
Lecturer's Hood x2
Lecturer's Suit x2
Lecturer's Braces x2
Lecturer's Skirt x2
Lecturer's Boots x2
Lecturer's Cap x2
Lecturer's Jacket x2
Lecturer's Guards x2
Lecturer's Frills x2
Lecturer's Footwear x2
Malfestio Braces S x4
Malfestio Guards S x4
Blango Greaves S x2
Blango Leggings S x2
EX Blango Helm x5
EX Blango Cap x5
Derring Helm S x2
Derring Mail S x2
Derring Vambraces S x2
Derring Faulds S x2
Derring Greaves S x2
Derring Cap S x2
Derring Vest S x2
Derring Guards S x2
Derring Coat S x2
Derring Leggings S x2
Guild Knight Coat x4
Guild Knight Kilt x4
Maiden's Skirt S x4
French Maid Frills S x4
Hawkhat x2
Hawksuit x2
Hawkbraces x2
Hawkcoil x2
Hawkboots x2
Hawkcap x2
Hawkjacket x2
Hawkguards x2
Hawkcoat x2
Hawkfeet x2
Biker Jacket x4
Biker Leather x4
Black Leather Chaps x4
Black Leather Pants x4


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