Fur Scrap+

An irregular scrap of material. Collect a lot to make equipment for Palicoes.


Category Value


Scraps (Armors)
Leather Helm S x2
Leather Mail S x2
Leather Braces S x2
Leather Faulds S x2
Leather Greaves S x2
Leather Cap S x2
Leather Vest S x2
Leather Guards S x2
Leather Coat S x2
Leather Leggings S x2
Bherna Turban S x2
Bherna Mail S x2
Bherna Braces S x2
Bherna Belt S x2
Bherna Greaves S x2
Bherna Cap S x2
Bherna Vest S x2
Bherna Guards S x2
Bherna Coat S x2
Bherna Leggings S x2
Mafumofu Hood S x2
Mafumofu Suit S x2
Mafumofu Grips S x2
Mafumofu Coil S x2
Mafumofu Boots S x2
Mafumofu Cap S x2
Mafumofu Jacket S x2
Mafumofu Mittens S x2
Mafumofu Coat S x2
Mafumofu Tights S x2
Loc Lac Shawl S x1
Loc Lac Kilt S x1
Loc Lac Boots S x1
Hunter's Helm S x2
Hunter's Mail S x2
Hunter's Vambraces S x2
Hunter's Faulds S x2
Hunter's Greaves S x2
Hunter's Cap S x2
Hunter's Vest S x2
Hunter's Guards S x2
Hunter's Coat S x2
Hunter's Leggings S x2
Light Belt S x2
Moofah Head S x2
Moofah Suit S x2
Moofah Claws S x2
Moofah Coil S x2
Moofah Wig S x2
Moofah Jacket S x2
Moofah Sleeves S x2
Moofah Coat S x2
Larinoth Mask S x2
Gargwa Mask S x2
Trapper's Gauntlets S x2
Trapper's Shinguards S x2
Trapper's Gloves S x2
Trapper's Boots S x2
Maccao Gauntlets S x2
Maccao Shinguards S x2
Maccao Gloves S x2
Maccao Boots S x2
Mosswine Mask S x2
Mosswine Vest S x2
Mosswine Gloves S x2
Mosswine Hip S x2
Mosswine Feet S x2
Rhenoplos Greaves S x2
Rhenoplos Leggings S x2
Droth Mail S x2
Droth Faulds S x2
Droth Greaves S x2
Droth Vest S x2
Droth Coat S x2
Droth Leggings S x2
Uroktor Torso S x1
Uroktor Tassets S x1
Uroktor Vest S x1
Uroktor Coat S x1
Maccao Braces S x2
Maccao Faulds S x2
Maccao Guards S x2
Maccao Coat S x2
Velociprey Tassets S x1
Velociprey Greaves S x1
Velociprey Coat S x1
Velociprey Leggings S x1
Giaprey Helm S x1
Giaprey Mail S x2
Giaprey Braces S x2
Giaprey Faulds S x1
Giaprey Greaves S x2
Giaprey Cap S x1
Giaprey Vest S x2
Giaprey Guards S x2
Giaprey Coat S x1
Giaprey Leggings S x2
Genprey Mail S x1
Genprey Tassets S x1
Genprey Vest S x1
Genprey Coat S x1
Ioprey Mail S x1
Ioprey Greaves S x1
Ioprey Vest S x1
Ioprey Leggings S x1
Ludroth Mail S x1
Ludroth Vest S x1
Derring Helm S x2
Derring Mail S x2
Derring Vambraces S x2
Derring Faulds S x2
Derring Greaves S x2
Derring Cap S x2
Derring Vest S x2
Derring Guards S x2
Derring Coat S x2
Derring Leggings S x2
Meownster Hunters (Maps)
High Forest ??? x1 25%
High Forest ??? x1 25%
High Wetlands ??? x1 25%
High Wetlands ??? x1 25%



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