Fur Scrap

A small, irregular scrap of material. Collect a lot to make equipment for Palicoes.


Category Value


Scraps (Armors)
Leather Headgear x1
Leather Vest x1
Leather Gloves x1
Leather Belt x1
Leather Trousers x1
Bherna Turban x1
Bherna Mail x1
Bherna Braces x1
Bherna Belt x1
Bherna Greaves x1
Mafumofu Hood x1
Mafumofu Jacket x1
Mafumofu Mittens x1
Mafumofu Coat x1
Mafumofu Boots x1
Loc Lac Shawl x1
Loc Lac Kilt x1
Loc Lac Boots x1
Hunter's Helm x2
Hunter's Mail x2
Hunter's Vambraces x2
Hunter's Faulds x2
Hunter's Greaves x2
Hunter's Cap x2
Hunter's Vest x2
Hunter's Guards x2
Hunter's Coat x2
Hunter's Leggings x2
Light Belt x1
Trapper's Gauntlets x2
Trapper's Greaves x2
Trapper's Gloves x2
Trapper's Boots x2
Maccao Gauntlets x2
Maccao Shinguards x2
Maccao Gloves x2
Maccao Boots x2
Maccao Braces x2
Maccao Faulds x2
Maccao Guards x2
Maccao Coat x2
Velociprey Tassets x2
Velociprey Coat x2
Giaprey Helm x1
Giaprey Mail x1
Giaprey Vambraces x1
Giaprey Tassets x1
Giaprey Greaves x1
Giaprey Cap x1
Giaprey Vest x1
Giaprey Guards x1
Giaprey Coat x1
Giaprey Leggings x1
Genprey Mail x2
Genprey Tassets x2
Genprey Vest x2
Genprey Coat x2
Mosswine Mask x2
Mosswine Vest x2
Mosswine Gloves x2
Mosswine Hip x2
Mosswine Feet x2
Derring Headgear x2
Derring Jacket x2
Derring Gloves x2
Derring Belt x2
Derring Trousers x2
Battle Helm x1
Battle Mail x1
Battle Vambraces x1
Battle Tassets x1
Battle Greaves x1
Battle Cap x1
Battle Vest x1
Battle Guards x1
Battle Coat x1
Battle Leggings x1
Droth Mail x2
Droth Faulds x2
Droth Greaves x2
Droth Vest x2
Droth Coat x2
Droth Leggings x2
Uroktor Torso x1
Uroktor Tassets x1
Uroktor Vest x1
Uroktor Coat x1
Larinoth Mask x2
Gargwa Mask x2
Moofah Head x2
Moofah Suit x2
Moofah Claws x2
Moofah Coil x2
Moofah Wig x2
Moofah Jacket x2
Moofah Sleeves x2
Moofah Coat x2
Blango Tassets x2
Blango Coat x2
Scholarly Hood x2
Scholarly Suit x2
Scholarly Grips x2
Scholarly Sash x2
Scholarly Boots x2
Scholarly Cap x2
Scholarly Vest x2
Scholarly Cuffs x2
Scholarly Coat x2
Scholarly Tights x2
Meownster Hunters (Maps)
Low Forest ??? x1 25%
Low Forest ??? x1 25%
Low Wetlands ??? x1 25%
Low Wetlands ??? x1 25%



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