Bherna Ticket

Received for contributions to Bherna Village. If you give it to the Smithy...




Armors (Create)
Derring Headgear x1
Derring Jacket x1
Derring Gloves x1
Derring Belt x1
Derring Trousers x1
Bherna Turban S x1
Bherna Mail S x1
Bherna Braces S x1
Bherna Belt S x1
Bherna Greaves S x1
Bherna Cap S x1
Bherna Vest S x1
Bherna Guards S x1
Bherna Coat S x1
Bherna Leggings S x1
Edel Vizor S x1
Edel Ribplate S x1
Edel Creeper S x1
Edel Folia S x1
Edel Roots S x1
Edel Bloom S x1
Edel Ribguard S x1
Edel Tendril S x1
Edel Fronds S x1
Edel Radicles S x1
Lecturer's Hood x1
Lecturer's Suit x1
Lecturer's Braces x1
Lecturer's Skirt x1
Lecturer's Boots x1
Lecturer's Cap x1
Lecturer's Jacket x1
Lecturer's Guards x1
Lecturer's Frills x1
Lecturer's Footwear x1
Cunning Specs x1
Derring Helm S x1
Derring Mail S x1
Derring Vambraces S x1
Derring Faulds S x1
Derring Greaves S x1
Derring Cap S x1
Derring Vest S x1
Derring Guards S x1
Derring Coat S x1
Derring Leggings S x1
Ace Headgear x1
Ace Mail x1
Ace Vambraces x1
Ace Faulds x1
Ace Greaves x1
Ace Mask x1
Ace Vest x1
Ace Guards x1
Ace Coat x1
Ace Leggings x1
Sororal Headgear x1
Sororal Mail x1
Sororal Vambraces x1
Sororal Faulds x1
Sororal Greaves x1
Sororal Mask x1
Sororal Vest x1
Sororal Guards x1
Sororal Coat x1
Sororal Leggings x1
Hawkhat x1
Hawksuit x1
Hawkbraces x1
Hawkcoil x1
Hawkboots x1
Hawkcap x1
Hawkjacket x1
Hawkguards x1
Hawkcoat x1
Hawkfeet x1
Gourmew Toque S x1
Gourmew Cap S x1
Gourmew Toque S x1
Gourmew Cap S x1
Ancient Helm x2
Ancient Mail x2
Ancient Arms x2
Ancient Coil x2
Ancient Boots x2
Ancient Cap x2
Ancient Vest x2
Ancient Guards x2
Ancient Coat x2
Ancient Feet x2
Caravaneer's Armlets x1
Bell Jwl 1 x1
Veggie Elder
Common Bherna Ticket Nutrients

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